1st Annual Quilt’N Cuisine

6:45am, my Mom picked me up and we headed up to our local fabric shop, Sew Crazy. We met up with about 43 other women, grabbed our goodies from the shop, waved bye to Gwyn, then piled into a bus.

Six buses headed out from six different fabric shops within a roughly 100 mile radius. Each one heading to the next shop on the list. Food, fabric, and fun were the main objects of the day.

Each shop is unique in how it is set up and ran. The layout is different. But in each and every one, the atmosphere was joyful, filled with laughter, and well…a lot of money exchanged hands. My wallet is definitely lighter after the trip!

First up, a picture showing my total purchases:


Mostly fat quarters, 1/4 yards, and a couple charm packs. Although I did splurge on the hand-dyed fabrics and got 1/2 yard each (since I usually work on small projects I normally only get smaller amounts on fabrics). I love love love these hand-dyed fabrics:


I also picked up a few fabrics that I saw had potential as trees or other landscape:


And some fun fabrics:






This next one just drew my eye immediately upon entering the store. Then when I saw it again as a fat quarter, I took it as a sign I should just get it:


And then the last group. I have pictured in my mind a cool tote bag from these:


As you know though, what we think we want to do and what we actually end up doing can sometimes be drastically different!


2 thoughts on “1st Annual Quilt’N Cuisine

  1. The funny part was that we would pick so many of the same or very similar fabrics. I had a great time but am very tired tonight. Probably nowhere near tired as the shop owners and their crew. Our “bus mom” Rose was a hoot!

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