Adding to the Stash

This weekend, I opened up the small package of 2 1/2″ squares that I bought during the quilt’n cuisine bus trip. Lovely bright squares.


Then Saturday I stopped in at Sew Crazy to pick up my freebie baggie from our last bus stop (we forgot to get them when we were there) and of course, it’s rare to make it out of Sew Crazy without at least one piece of fabric. Gwyn, as soon as she saw me, said “I just got this fabric in and thought immediately of you”. While she went to grab it off the shelf, some more fabric caught my eye as well and I started piling bolts up on the cutting table.

She brought over the fabric and after I looked at it, of course it was added to the pile too!

The black and white in the middle is what she showed me. The others are the ones that caught my eye while waiting. I think she called them fusion fabrics.


Loving that black and white. It reminds me of zentangles.