Experimenting with Embroidery Design

I gave my hubby a list of books I’d like from Amazon on embroidery and crazy quilting. He had asked what I wanted for my birthday and I honestly couldn’t think of anything. After a few days I finally thought of looking up embroidery books.

I’m not sure if he’ll go with anything from the list or go with something completely different. So in the meantime, I decided to play around with trying to design my own embroidered alphabet.

I like the D I drew. Hubby likes the M. I think we’re both on the fence about the J. That’s as far as I’ve gotten on that so far:


What do you think so far?


2 thoughts on “Experimenting with Embroidery Design

  1. The D and the M are awesome! I like the J, too, except I mistook it for a T before I read what you wrote. Maybe a little more curve upward from the bottom? I love your creativity!

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