Presents From Hubby

In case you don’t know, I have a wonderful hubby. He’s Very supportive of my crafting hobbies and takes the time to look at what I’m doing or showing him. And he occasionally offers suggestions when I’m stumped (usually when I’m getting frustrated over color choices) and tosses out random ideas for me to think about for future projects. (one of the more recent ideas is still percolating in my mind as I work out the details on How to do it).

And he promotes my blog to people he knows/meets that he finds out are fellow crafters. Not many men would do something like that.

Part of my birthday gift arrived today and was waiting for me when I got home. I was so excited that I had one package opened before I even finished setting my work stuff down on the table! (our birthdays were in August but we didn’t really do much because I was working overtime so our gifts ended up coming this month instead).


A closer look at each one:



I flipped through the French alphabet one already. Wow are some of them amazing! Most of them range from mid-1800’s to mid 1900’s.

I learned something interesting too. Did you know that in older publications for embroidery, the I, Q, and/or W were often left out of the alphabet? The reason why was because the J could be used for an I, the O for a Q, and an upside down M for the W.

Now to dive into the other book. I’ll post more when I come up for air.