Where’s The Crochet?

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much crochet lately and may be wondering why.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to do much crochet lately due to a medical condition called Ezcema that affects my hands. I’ve had this on and off my whole life, but the last couple years it has been pretty bad on my hands due to chemicals at work, and the last couple months has been worse.  Because of this, I have not been able to crochet because the condition causes my hands to crack badly which then snags the yarn and makes crocheting difficult.

Sewing on the other hand, isn’t affected as much. And hand embroidery doesn’t seem to be an issue either as the thread doesn’t catch on my hands. (I think because of the difference in how I hold yarn versus thread for hand sewing).


Until my project at work is finished and I’m away from the harsh chemicals, I probably will not get to crochet as much so you won’t see much crochet showcased on this blog for a bit. But please stay tuned for more embroidery, sewing, and eventually more crochet again!


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