Don’t Forget Your Veggies

Wednesday was our monthly craft group meeting. As we had quite a few members of the group out-of-state/country this month, those of us at the meeting spent the evening knitting, sewing, and embroidering. Among chatting and laughing of course.

One of our members, Barb, is working on an excellent project that encompasses a ton of vegetable fabrics (I didn’t realize how many were out there!). She brought her progress in last month to show us and I’ve had it on my mind on and off since.

With the new embroidery books that my hubby got me (more have arrived since the post I shared with the first two books), I found a ton of veggie embroidery patterns.

While we were sitting there Wednesday evening, I whipped up a small bit of embroidery.


The leaves are actually green. The ear itself is made of a variegated orange. I gave this to Barb once it was finished.


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