A Rainbow of Threads

While my hubby and I enjoyed a relaxing movie night tonight, I took advantage of the time to finally work through some of the bag of DMC embroidery threads that I still needed to put onto the paper cards.

Pixie of course declared herself my helper.


As I wrote the number on the card she would smack the pencil, I guess to make sure I was writing the correct numerals down. Then she would dive below the box looking for escapee threads. Occasionally she would snag a completed card to do her quality inspection on it…

If you look at the box in the picture you can see its not organized very well. Just random colors in the spots. So I decided I would attempt to organize by colors.


One box is full. The other is starting to fill up and holds the non-DMC threads such as the Metallics and the variegated/prisms.

The problem with having the boxes organized already:


I still have quite a few more to wrap up onto cards and put in the boxes.

I also have a small collection of perl cotton that I’m going to play around with:


Tonight I also finished up an embroidered horse that I started a few nights ago. I’m still waiting on a reply from the illustrator of the drawing through before I can show the work on my blog. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon.