Black and White Coasters

I decided that when we give our kitchen a makeover, that we will be going with black and white as the main colors. We won’t be doing a full remodel yet, just something to update the current 1950’s look into something more….us.

Recently I picked up a placemat kit from Sew Crazy. I’m going to end up getting another set because we need more than 4 mats for this upcoming holiday season (providing I get them all made in time).


At a recent quilt expo, I picked up a matching kit for coasters. Since the coaster pack came with six pieces, I started with those to give myself some practice pieces.


So of course, the first one turned out…odd. I followed the directions exactly but now I have rough edges, on a circle, to figure out how to finish. Have I mentioned that curves and circles in sewing still mystify me?

The second one I decided to do a little different, following the directions for the placemats instead of the coasters and I made a “pocket” that I stuffed the coaster piece into. Ironed most of it, took care of the opening, then finished the ironing.

Here the two are, side by side (the edges still need finishing). Oh and they are reversible, this is side one:


And this is side two:


A close up:




3 thoughts on “Black and White Coasters

    • my hubby is a big fan of black, white, and gray. He says its contemporary. I usually like at least a hint of color in with the black and white, so the placemats might each have a hint of a bold color. like a piece of blue in one, red in another.

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