A Day of Ceramics


Since January, my work has laid off a lot of people, including several of my friends. We used to all have lunch together at work so with most of the group gone, it’s been fairly quiet at “our” table.

A couple weeks ago my best friend sent out a group text message saying “we all need to get together and have a lunch table reunion”. Plans were made and the date was set.

We met up today at a store where you pick out a ceramic piece and paints then sit down and paint. You can choose acrylic and have a piece to take home the same day. Or do a glaze and pick it up the next week after it’s been fired.

I had a blast! My piece ended up having more detail to it than I expected but I’m very happy with the end result.


And some close up pictures:




I really hope we do this again, but I’ll probably pick a less detailed piece next time.


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