CQJP – Crazy Quilt Journal Project

A couple of the blogs that I follow have been doing the 2013 challenge for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I’ve enjoyed watching their progress and have decided that for 2014, I might try it as well.  I love doing crazy squares. And with the rules being minimum of one per month, well I’m pretty sure I can manage that even on my really busy months.


Want to join me and hundreds of other bloggers/crafters on the crazy quilt journey? Click on the link to the CQJP2014 page to register for the challenge! 

One thought on “CQJP – Crazy Quilt Journal Project

  1. I am still working on my May block for CQJP 2013 (I stitched a cabin that took me forever and got a little stuck), so I will not be signing up for 2014, but will be happily working on CQJP with you. 🙂 It is so fun to see all of the beautiful eye candy! I cannot wait to see what you create!

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