Where Did November Go?

This past month has flown by. Halloween brought a nasty lung infection that took a week of antibiotics plus an antibiotic shot to get rid of. We also traveled to Georgia for a friend’s wedding plus a mini vacation. (Pictures to follow at end of post).

This week was the monthly craft group meeting and we played around with making pot holders, hot pads, and/or mug rugs. I got mine pieced together but forgot my batting at home so I didn’t get to actually sew it together.


This month I also helped my mom put together her new “toy” (I’m jealous):



I’m still trying to finish up the gift for my cousin’s baby shower which is this Saturday. If I get it finished in time, then I should have pictures up later this weekend.

Georgia pictures time!






Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I’ve also been playing with a small embroidery practice piece, mixing in different stitches.




4 thoughts on “Where Did November Go?

  1. I hope you are feeling better. Your embroidery is gorgeous! Krey and I have been looking at some storage ideas for my growing craft stash, and I salivated (almost literally) at the site of your mom’s new toy! Where did she find it?

  2. Renee I got it from scrapbox.com. It was on sale with free shipping and they also had a promo code for a free ribbon keeper. I do love it but I realized I have a lot of crap. The cabinet holds an incredible amount of stuff but maybe I should have ordered 2 – well, they would have had to throw the 2nd one in free and I really don’t think that would happen. Lol.

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