Turning Twenty…Again

No, I’m not turning twenty again. But I AM learning the Turning Twenty…Again quilt pattern! While I love doing the crazy square style projects, I’m not that great at lining up seams and sewing straight. Plus I know the very bare minimum for quilting and such. So I decided to sign up for the beginners quilt class at Sew Crazy.

On Tuesday I went in and picked out my fabrics. Since I plan to finally, finally, make something for myself, I picked out the fabrics that appealed most to me. Well, those in the blue family anyway. Otherwise I’d never finish because I’d have too many fabrics for the quilt!

Thursday was the first night I went to the class and I made a lot of progress for one night. The quilt will be made of 12 ‘blocks’ which I was able to get mostly finished that night. Here are a few of the ones I have mostly done:




Lovely blues. Calming water, wild ocean, lazy rivers. I see all of those in the fabrics.

After I got home that night, I decided to play around with another idea that was in my mind. A small crazy square style stocking ornament.

The pinking shears are there for scale. This picture is from before the hand embroidery and stuffing the stocking.



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    • Thanks!

      I won’t have it with me on Wednesday, it’s still at the store waiting for my next class on Thursday. Hoping to finish the top on Thursday. Then plan out the hubby’s!

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