Christmas Ornaments and a Small Project

This past weekend a friend of mine sent me a text asking if I would mind making her and another friend each a pretty Christmas ornament. She said she would pay me for them, but I decided to make them as a gift instead.

For Carla, I made a small stocking:



For Debbie, I decided to challenge myself and I made six little crazy squares. And I do mean little:


And I combined them into a little box that I stuffed. Of course it’s not quite a sharp sided box but it’s still mostly box-like and I learned a lot from making it. Maybe next time I should research…nah more fun to try and try!



For fun, and more practice, I worked on another small embroidery project over a couple evenings:


The butterfly and mushrooms are from a Doodle embroidery book which I’ll add the link to in a bit once I get to the laptop.