Turning Twenty Again, Class #2

I guess I’m doing pretty good in quilt class. I passed by a couple of the ladies in where we all are on our individual quilts. Tonight was my second class and I managed to finish my squares and put them all together.

I played around with the layout for about 15 minutes before deciding on what I ended up with. And I love it! I can’t wait until it’s done and I can curl up on the couch with it while watching movies with the hubby.

Want I see the progress? If not….stop reading now! Because a picture is incoming:


I love love love it.

The next step was picking out the border, which took me longer than I thought it would. My Mom taught me a neat trick for viewing the quilt to help pick out whether I needed to add more light or dark color to the quilt, so I knew I needed a darker border.

The fabric I ended up picking out is a darker blue which also has the teal in it that is in my quilt top. I think it goes well with the squares.


Because the border fabric has a pattern to it, I went with the wider border option. Plus I decided that would give me just a little bit more quilt to cuddle up with in the end!

Next week I will add the border to the top, then pick my backing and get it ready to send off to the lady who does the quilting process (she has the equipment to do it).

Then I can start on the hubby’s quilt! Same pattern, turning twenty again, but different colors for his.



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