Ice Storm 2013

What an interesting weekend….

We were slammed with an ice storm that started Saturday afternoon with freezing rain and lasted until Sunday morning.

While the ice does look pretty:


Too much of it is destructive:





Our road was partially blocked by downed branches and other branches hanging so low from the weight of the ice that cars couldn’t make it under them. My hubby and I cleared up what we could in front of our house and a few of our neighbors homes so that traffic could get through. One of our neighbors also had a large branch blocking her driveway and since she has her 90ish year old mom living with her, we didn’t want them trapped so we moved that as well.

Our small area appears to be one of the few areas that did not lose power. Wires are down all over town but we seem to not be on the town power grid.

My mom and stepdad lost power Saturday night so Sunday morning they called the hotel in town for a room. But when they went to check in in the early afternoon…the hotel did not have power either!

Luckily, we have a spare bedroom so they are staying with us until they have power again. Their house is close enough that they can check on things and make sure they don’t have any pipes burst and make sure the cats are okay.

We will have a white Christmas this year…made primarily of ice.