Is Blocking Necessary?

I’ll admit, I’m horrible about blocking items that I make. To be honest, this week was the first time I’ve actually sat down and blocked a couple doilies that I made a year or so ago.

Even though I’ve seen numerous before and after pictures of items that have been blocked, I still didn’t see the need in spending all that time on it. Besides I’ve only made a few items that even would benefit from it.

My tools of the trade that I used are fairly simple. A piece of pink insulation foam. And some plastic toothpicks. Water. And paper towels. I soaked the doilies in water then squeezed out the water. After that I carefully rolled the doilies in paper towels to get the majority of the water out without completely drying them. Then using the plastic picks, I pinned the doilies to the foam.


By the way, around here it’s really hard to find plastic picks like these except for around the summer holidays. I checked almost every time I was at the grocery stores and finally one day, there they were again. They work really well. They don’t rot during the drying process like wooden toothpicks could. And you don’t have to worry about searching for rust proof metal pins. Now if I could only keep my kitty Penny from unpinning the doilies and stealing the picks!

So, is blocking necessary? Well it’s not life or death if you don’t do it, but it can take a pretty doily or delicate shawl or table runner (etc) and turn it gorgeous.

Unblocked doilies:



During blocking (I used the green doily since the pink won’t show up on the foam):


And after blocking is finished:


The green one was still slightly damp when I was doing the pictures for this post.

A side-by-side comparison of blocked and unblocked doilies:


Is blocking required? No.
Does it make a noticeable difference? Yes.
Is it necessary? Not really, but I’m sure once you do it, you’ll see the benefits definitely outweigh the time spent doing it.

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  1. What a great post and the pictures really show the benefits of blocking. Using the plastic picks is pure genius. Now you just need to explain to Penny that the picks aren’t kitty toys.

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