CQJP 2014 – January Block

A few minutes ago, I hit send on the email submitting my first block for the CQJP 2014 challenge! Last night I was up late (couldn’t sleep) and I figured out the theme I wanted do for the challenge throughout the year, made my notes, then started adding the last few details to the block I had started a few days ago.

The “bare” block:


The finished block:


And of course, up close pictures with details below each. All embroidery threads used are DMC unless otherwise stated:

The climbing roses are made with stem stitch and lazy daisies in 954 (sage), back stitched flowers in 718 (magenta), and a back stitched filled ribbon in 444 (bright yellow). The fancy fan uses buttonhole stitch and lazy daisies in 4211 (variegated purples) with some sparkly yellow beads.

Back stitched hearts trickle down one side: 445 (yellow), 340 (periwinkle), 718 (magenta), 817 (scarlet), and 4211 (variegated purple). Along the seam I did a button hole stitch in 335 (dk salmon pink) with a dark purple open lazy daisy between every other ‘stem’ and pink beads.

A small section on the block ended up being the perfect spot for a small five petal flower. Back stitched in 340 (periwinkle) with 3851 (medium sage) leaves.

A spider web graces one corner of the block, done with a DMC perle cotton in silver 318. The spider was made using two brown beads and legs made with perle cotton in dark brown 938.
Also seen in this picture is a seam done with small red beaded flowers with lazy daisy leaves and stem stitched stems with perle cotton in variegated green 94.




The word Love was done using my handwriting in a stem stitch with Perle Iris 5064, a variegated pink. The wavy border is also in stem stitch using DMC 4260, a variegated purple and pink mix.

The butterfly is mostly back stitch using 4022 (variegated blues). A flight path coming from the climbing roses is made with a running stitch in 747 (pale blue). Star stitches complete the last seam using 817 (scarlet).

I had fun with this block for the CQJP challenge. I haven’t worked too much with beads before and I found them to be a fun addition. And I’m already planning the next block!


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    • Thanks! I almost have a second January block finished, so once it’s done I’ll be emailing the picture in and posting the details on my blog. 🙂

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