CQJP2014 – January Block #2

I had to have something crafty with me when I went down to Florida for job training. Anyone who loves crafts knows what I mean. Go somewhere, anywhere, without something to work on? Are you kidding me??

So, I took another 6 1/2 inch crazy square with me to work on. And I ended up with the majority of it finished by the time I came home. I just put the final touches on tonight.

The bare block (I almost panicked thinking I had forgotten to take a pic of the block before stitching!):


And now for the finished product:


Details! (As with the first block, all threads are DMC unless otherwise stated):


A little bumblebee satin stitched in 444 bright yellow with 310 black stripes, lazy daisy wings, and stinger. The flight path is done in running stitch in 747 light blue. Fly stitches in 321 scarlet with French knots in 995 blue follow along the seam.

The bottom right corner of this block has what I’m calling a coral reef done in 3812 green with French knot flowers in 608 which is kind of a red-orange. A leaf done in fly stitches and stem stitch is next to the reef using 741 orange.

I think this is my favorite treatment so far. I used the pattern in the fabric to make the vines with stem stitch and filled in a few of the leaves with herringbone stitch, using 909 green. Half circles overlapping follow another seam, done in 3830 red-brown and 335 pink.


Another section is filled with more coral reef in 4066 a variegated green with French knots in 3825 peach. A spiderweb done in 3024 silver fills a small corner section.

The leaves shown here also follow the pattern in the fabric, using fly stitch and stem stitch. One is done in 4066 a variegated green and the other is done in 4068 which is a green and brown variegated. The butterfly is done in stem stitch using 4122 which is a variegated with orange, red, brown, and yellow. The flight path is done with running stitch in 3823 which is an ecru/off-white.

I did a buttonhole stitch along the seam using 954 light sage and then did a second buttonhole stitch right alongside in 550 dark purple. This left the section looking bare next to the seam so I added a small flower using lazy daisy in 917 purple for the petals and the leaves were back stitched in 912 green (med sage?).

The center of the square has the word “relax” done in a stem stitch using 3823 ecru. I felt that the center was still somewhat bare so I added French knots and triple clusters of lazy daisies along the seams surrounding the word, using 4211, a pink and purple variegated.

I’m pretty happy with how this block turned out. Now to start planning in my mind how next month’s block will look.


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    • I actually took three! haha. But I didnt have my frixon (sp) pen with me then couldnt find anything down there that would work, so this was the only one i could work on with ease because of the printed fabrics on it.

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