Blog Name Change

When I first started this blog two years ago, my main focus was crochet, which helped inspire the name Little Orphan Skein. Over the last year, the blog has evolved to include a lot more sewing and embroidery as well. So I am thinking of changing the blog name to Little Orphan Stitch, since a stitch is a term used in many crafts, not just one. Before I do that, I thought I would ask the opinions of my readers. What do you think of the new name? Or should I stick with the current name?

Thank you for taking the time to reply if you have any thoughts on this!


The web address itself would still stay the same,, it would just be the banner at the top would change to say Little Orphan Stitch instead.


2 thoughts on “Blog Name Change

  1. I love the new name – it is more encompassing. The only problem I can think of is that if new readers are looking for you and type in the Banner name they may have a hard time finding it. If you can change your meta tags or key words, make sure the new name is in them so newbies can find you. Us regular readers already have you bookmarked so no problems!

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