HST – Half Square Triangles

I had the day off yesterday so after stopping at my favorite quilt shop (Sew Crazy) for a couple hours, I took a little drive around town. Partly to just be out of the house for a bit and partly to let my car get up to operating temperature. Since I’m working from home now and since we’ve been having near and below zero temperatures here, it’s important to take the car out at least once a week and get the engine warmed up. (We have a garage, otherwise this would have to be a daily thing).

After I got home, I started thinking about more crazy square ideas and headed down to the Wife Cave. Fabric flying left and right, piles stacking up, and two new crazy squares were born. (The pics will be shown in later posts after they are embroidered).

What to do after the crazy squares were done? The sewing itch was still going strong but I wasn’t in the mood for more crazy squares.


Look at those beautiful batiks! This is a moda charm pack spread out. Gorgeous. Fun. Idea inspiring. Ideas….

How about triangles?!


I’ve not worked with triangles that much but they are actually pretty easy to work with.

One, two, three: the Half Square Triangles started to come together.


Once I had a handful of them made, I started playing around with placement ideas.



Oh the possibilities!
I managed to get 33 HST made before my bobbin ran out. After looking at the time, I decided it was a sign that I should be done for the night. I have enough triangles left to make another 40 HST, which will give me a finished quilt top size of only 32″x36″ before border.

Then the options are: a) pick a block design (or several) and put sashing between each block. B) add a really wide border. C) buy another moda batik charm pack and make more HST!


Lovely, simply lovely. At least I think so.


4 thoughts on “HST – Half Square Triangles

    • Yeah I noticed after I published the post then was reviewing it on the laptop, that my toes are in almost all the pictures on this post. lol

    • I agree, with how cold winter has been this year, seeing these nice bright colors and mostly warm tones made it better. 🙂 I’m usually not a huge fan of some of the shades in this pack, but when combined with the others, they just fit.

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