A Pile of HSTs

What to do with a pile of Half Square Triangles (HST). Last night I finished sewing the HSTs that I had started a couple nights ago.

73 in a pile:


All laid out on the floor:


I’m loving the wildness of these colors and fabrics. Batiks are so much fun!

Last night also, mom and I were discussing something that she was making for the bathrooms at her house (they had a pipe burst after they finally got power back after 8 extremely cold days with no power back in December). Since pretty much the whole house ended up with new drywall and floors, they decided to go with a new color this time in the bathroom. And that meant new valances for the window!

And that made me think, hey! What a great idea. I need some color in my home office and these batik HST definitely have color!

I measured the windows. Then I started moving the HST around to make the size I need. Sadly I don’t have enough for both windows. But I do have enough for the larger window.


Factoring in seam allowances, I figure I need a total of 18 blocks to make the main part of the valance.


One done! 17 more to go!

I have some more batik (not from a charm pack) that I’m going to use to make the cuff at the top for the rod to go through.

I think this, plus a valance for the smaller window, plus some new paint (get rid of the pewter gray) and my office will be much more cheerful to work in.


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    • Matching points definitely is not easy! If it wasn’t for the class I took to learn the Turning Twenty Again quilt where I learned how to line up seams, I doubt I’d have been able to do as well on the points for this.

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