CQJP2014 – February Block #1

The first block for February is posted over at the CQJP challenge site so it’s time to post some detail pictures here.

Before stitching:


Finished block:


Close-up details:

In the bottom left corner, I added a spool of thread complete with needle stuck in the top in one section. The section just to the right I played around with using stem stitch in a variety of colors to fill an area in. Just above that is a section with a hand-stitched sewing machine threaded with green thread. I made sure to include the bobbin thread coming up, feet on the machine, and the power cord. Above the sewing machine are two purple fans.

The bottom right corner gave me two larger sections to work with. In one, I drew in some vines then stitched them with stem stitch. Next to that is a pair of scissors, needle, and bright yellow thread.

The top left corner gave me some trouble because at first I couldn’t think of what to add. Finally I added five petal lazy daisy flowers in a variegated pink with a few buds scattered here and there using French knots. Just below those I treated a seam with blanket stitch. To the right of that section, I added six wheels in various colors and sizes.

The top right corner I attempted to add a crochet hook and small ball of yarn. It’s not quite what I had in mind but it works.

And of course, the theme and center of the block…Create!


The bright colors of this block make me happy. I think my favorite parts of it are the sewing machine and the spool of thread.


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