Where Do You Keep Your Scraps?

As the title asks, where do you keep your scraps? Fabric ones specifically. And what is the smallest size you will keep “just in case”?

My current sewing table is an old oak computer desk that I’ve had probably close to 30 years now. It’s made many many moves with me. Has served as a school desk, gaming computer desk, storage, space hogger, and now is functioning as my sewing desk.

You can’t get too much more sturdy than a solid oak desk for when you really get flying on that sewing machine!

And as any really good desk (old one anyway) would have, there is a handy drawer on the right side that is perfect for tossing all those scraps into!


Scraps from crazy squares. Scraps from wallhangings. Scraps that started out as a project, then I went “well crud” and they got tossed in the drawer. Β (This is an old picture, the drawer is MUCH fuller now!)

I think the smallest I keep is one inch wide and at least one inch long.

Some day, those scraps will be put into use in…something. Maybe a scrappy wallhanging? A scrappy baby blanket for a friend/relative? A scrappy quilt for the guest bedroom? Who knows!

What is the smallest YOU will keep? And where do you keep it?


5 thoughts on “Where Do You Keep Your Scraps?

  1. Well sometimes it looks keep my scraps on the floor but they’re supposed to go into a big basket under my cutting table. Sometimes I’ll just root around in them until the perfect piece comes to the top. My scrap basket always looks so pretty in my opinion.

  2. I think I’ve got some of those one-by-one size scraps. πŸ˜† I’ve got them in a drawer right now . . . and . . . on the sewing table . . . and a few on the other sewing table . . . and uhm . . . oh yeah, in the closet. The closet holds a bunch! I’ve used them for all sorts of stuff – made the cutest little baby bib with little bitty pieces. πŸ™‚

  3. Right now i have a large rubermaid tub of scraps but Im hoping to use them up with various projects soon or at least reduce the amount.

    • I need to start using up some of mine or else the drawer they are currently in is going to overflow! But every time I go to use them, fabrics on the shelf call to me “hey, you haven’t used me yet” and off I wander to the shelf.

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