Fun With Buttons

Tonight was the monthly meeting for Eye For Fiber, the craft group I am a part of. Our project tonight was learning how to make fabric covered buttons. You can buy the kits at places such as JoAnn Fabrics in a variety of sizes. I would recommend getting the kits that contain the template and tools (one of each size that you plan to do) not just the “refill” kits that do not have the tools.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the kits before the meeting time but lucky for me, a couple members of the group shared their buttons so I was able to make up a few for practice.

I had a stack of moda charm-pack fabrics so I had fun picking through the different prints then lining up the print to get the button pattern that I wanted.
The ones pictured above are the 7/8″ size. I also made three 3/4″ size buttons as well, shown below in the middle of the larger ones.


I had time after the meeting to run back over to JoAnn Fabrics in town and search again for the kits. This time I found them. And of course they ended up in my basket!

The buttons are addicting to make. And so fast and easy.

First up when I got home, I wanted to make four buttons to put on my black winter jacket. I’ve been missing a button on the jacket since last winter but it was mild enough last year that I really didn’t wear the jacket. And now that I work from home, I’m not using it as much this year either. But hey, since I have the means to do it, why not have fun and replace the buttons?


I think these will be a lot of fun on the jacket!

I couldn’t stop there, so I continued making more buttons. A few muted ones just because:


And a few more bright ones:


Then sadly, I ran out of the 3/4″ size.

Altogether, I made a decent amount of buttons tonight.


If you are looking for a quick and fun project to do, something to help enhance your wardrobe or to use elsewhere, I suggest trying out making covered buttons. I bet you’ll be addicted too!


4 thoughts on “Fun With Buttons

  1. Very cute! Every time I read something about making fabric covered buttons, I wonder if I could incorporate some onto CQ blocks. (I may have a crazy quilting problem. Awareness is the first step, right?!) I always wondered about how to make them. I will look for the kit next time I make it to Jo-Ann.

    • You could easily incorporate them onto CQ blocks! I have a couple of mine that I’m eyeballing for design ideas on a future block.

      I don’t think you have a crazy quilting problem. Not at all. Not one bit. Because if you do, then that means I do as well!

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