Black and White Meets Color

Last weekend was a shop hop weekend that included my favorite quilt shop, Sew Crazy. Instead of hopping, I helped out by working up at the store for the three days of the hop. Most of my duties included putting fabric away and helping customers when I could or directing them to someone else that could help them.

There were points in time where the store was really busy, such as when the hop buses arrived. And some points in time where we were catching our breath and doing a little playing around.

Such as playing with this fun fabric:


Isn’t that a gorgeous black and white pattern? So you may be asking, what type of fun did we have with it?

Well, I studied the fabric looking for the repeat, cut out a section, bordered it, fused it to some double-sided fusible. Then…


Colored pencils! Yes, that is right. I colored the fabric!


We are not sure if colored pencils will set like crayons or fabric paint does, so this was more of a test so we could try it out. Well not this exact piece for testing. This will end up on my Wife Cave wall at some point once I bind it.


This next piece is the actual test piece that will get heat set and washed to see if the color stays or not.


My mom joined in the fun using this neat black and white zebra fabric:


Which became:


I did get a little further on the flowered test piece by the end of the last shop hop day:


For the shop hop, I also made name tags for everyone plus a generic store one. They won’t be for every day use but come in handy for shop hops and possibly for quilt shows in the future.




Have you colored on fabric? It’s the grown up version of a coloring book!


6 thoughts on “Black and White Meets Color

  1. Hi
    Not sure how I landed here. I have used Prisma Colors sucessfully on fabric. Wondering what you are using and how it turned out. I noticed that your mother colored too. I was at her blog and so excited to see her dolls. Has she moved her blog? I’d love to know more about her work. Think I’ll follow you. I’m pretty sure my first love is crochet too.

    • Mom hasnt moved her blog. Life has been hectic the past couple years so she hasn’t been able to spend time blogging. Hopefully she will be able to get back into it. She has a lot of wonderful things to share.

      For the coloring on fabric in this post I was using Crayola and CraZart colored pencils. I need to try heat setting and washing the test piece still and see how it turns out.

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