Visualize – An Embroidery Experiment

Last night, an idea popped in my head. Could I make an embroidered crazy square…with one piece of fabric? Using seam treatments to make the different sections?

So, I had to try! I ran down to the Wife Cave and started flinging the fabric around until I found a light color that would show my working lines easily.

First step once I had the fabric ready and attached to a backing, was to draw my lines on the fabric. (edit to add: I used a FriXion pen, which easily irons off when you are done).  Plus I felt the word Visualize fit perfectly with this block because since it is one fabric, you need to visualize the sections using the embroidery.

Bare block:


Of course, this idea really grabbed hold and I was up until 3am working on it. I didn’t finish because I had to force myself to go to bed (8am alarm comes early when you stay up that late).

This evening, I finished it up. Just over 24 hours since the idea popped.

Finished block:


Several of the seam treatments I used were new to me. I will add the details under each of the next few pictures. The next few pictures the block looks like a different color due to different lighting.

Up close:

Cross stitch seam (maroon-ish) and Eskimo laced edging (pink and blue).

Cretan stitch (yellow) and German knotted blanket stitch (orange).

Stem stitched flowers and vines.

The multi-color seam is …well the name eludes me at the moment. I’ll edit and add the name in when I can double-check it. Edit: it is the wheatear stitch.

This picture turned the wrong way on my phone again. This section shows the word Visualize done in stem stitch. A seam treated with lazy daisy flowers. Green stem stitch vines and a wavy line also in stem stitch.

A heavy chain stitch in pink and a buttonhole fan in blue.

Maiden hair stitch in variegated purples. Scalloped buttonhole in greens and blues. And a spiderweb in silver with a brown spider hanging out resting on a scallop.

What do you think of my experiment? Can you “visualize” the crazy square?

8 thoughts on “Visualize – An Embroidery Experiment

  1. This is the best idea for a stitch sampler that I have EVER seen. I often wonder what to do with a stitch sampler after all that work. That, and I am too right brain thinking. I can see these blocks easily in a quilt. Great Idea!

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