Catfish Creek – Covered Bridge

Wednesday I searched for some good patterns online so I could do another embroidery project. I found several that I want to do, but the first one that I chose is a covered bridge pattern from

The pattern called to me so I grabbed some blue fabric, gave it a backing of muslin, then traced the design onto the fabric using my handy FriXion pen and the dining room window as my light box.


I started it Wednesday evening. Stitched a little more Thursday evening. Then finished it up early this afternoon. I made only a few minor changes to the pattern itself, adding or removing a few lines. But I added a few details as well.


Mom and I were joking a little last night about what details to add. She said to add a cat fishing in the river. I decided to add the fishing pole and cat but the cat is walking away from the pole.


The cat is from the Doodle Stitching motif book. The fishing pole I drew from looking at a picture of a fishing pole online. Same with the tackle box.


I added green grass amid the rocks along the river. It seemed to make them stand out more in my opinion.

And, since we have a cat that just finished fishing…I had to put a name on the covered bridge. Catfish Creek.


This was a fun one to work on! And fast.

Tonight I did a little work on a project for Sew Crazy but I don’t want to show it yet before Gwyn (store owner) gets to see it.

I also have my next embroidery project picked out but I want to verify the source of the pattern before I show that. A clue: cat dots.


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