Dreams and Where They Lead

I think I’ve mentioned before, I love writing. But I don’t do it often enough. I’ll go months without writing more than what I put on this blog and a little on Facebook.  And then I’ll have a vivid dream. So vivid that I recall quite a few details when I wake. Some of the dreams have been repeats, with more details becoming clearer each time.


A few days ago, I told  my hubby and my mom about the dream I had the previous night. I have this particular dream at least once a year, sometimes more. The reply from both of them was “Write it!”.


So, I am.  Mom and hubby both seem happy that I’m writing again. Hubby’s goal is that it is published, turned into a movie, then we become millionaires. My goal is to just get it finished and edited, then I’ll think future lol.  This isn’t my first novel, I have a couple others that I’ve written that are sitting there, staring at me, waiting to be edited. I hate editing by the way.


I’m also still working on some embroidery, but I can’t show the current project as it’s a gift for someone. The first April CQJP block has been posted on the CQJP2014 site, so I need to still get the post together for that.  And then put together some more bare blocks to work with for more CQJP blocks.


Lets see, why don’t I make a WIP/To-Do list!

*Make up CQJP bare blocks. Embroider them as needed for each month.

*Finish 7 more embroidered blocks for ‘secret project’.

*Make curtains for office windows.

*Paint my office.

*Continue working on story.

*Get my Turning Twenty Again quilts quilted then the binding done.

*Figure out a different project for HSTs (instead of curtains).

*Sew together the 4 large blocks from my personal pattern and get it bordered. Put together a written pattern.

*Learn paper-piecing.

*Create/design some wall-hangings for my office.

*Create/design other artwork for my office.


I think that is enough for now. As you can see, I have plans for my office. Right now it’s a gray color which, when it was my hubby’s computer room, was perfect for him. But I’m not a fan of gray and I want to make it more cheerful. I have a pretty color picked out that’ll let me keep the current trim color (which is more silver), I just need to go and get the paint and start painting. I may have some time off work in the summer though so that may be my time to paint.


Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on. I hope that you are all enjoying the spring weather that finally arrived (for those of you who live in areas that had a long cold winter).


Do you have a WIP/To-Do list? How many items are on yours? Do you add more each month? How often do you finish what’s on the list?   I think I add a lot more than I finish!


9 thoughts on “Dreams and Where They Lead

  1. I know I add more than I finish! There are 11 items on my list right now (if I can count 4 gifts I need to make as one item), but you just reminded me that painting the bathroom, painting the office, and buying new curtains for the office and the boys’ rooms are also on the mental To Do list. I am hoping to mark two projects off the list tomorrow. We’ll see… Best wishes with the writing. (If I keep up at this every other day pace, I may never finish – and the month has more distractions coming up…)

    • Even if you write every other day, just keep writing and eventually it’ll be done! You can keep writing even after April is done. 🙂

      Have you thought about making the curtains instead of buying them?

  2. Oh, its easy to make those lists. I do it so I don’t forget what I was thinking about. I can’t say that I always make it to the bottom though ~lol~

    • I know I never get everything done on the list! There are always new things to add to it. I didn’t even add any of the crochet goals to my list. Hm.

  3. How long is my list? I don’t even want to go there. Suffice it to say that my “Big Hairy List of Things To-Do” has it’s own notebook :-0 I cull it occasionally by deleting things I’m not longer interested in doing or have simply gone away for one reason or another but I’ll NEVER see the end of it.

    Set yourself up a spreadsheet – commit to writing 250 words a day. Put your word count in the spread sheet every day you write. For all consecutive days the count accumulates. For every missed day it goes back to zero. Talk about motivation. If you have a Mac I can share the one I made with you.

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