Office Curtains

One of the items on my list from the last post is almost ready to be crossed off!

Sadly, purple just does not photograph well. The colors of the fabrics I used are lavender and dark purple:


I cut the material into 5×15″ strips.


My office has two windows, of two different widths. The bigger window is 63″ wide and the smaller one is 50.5″ wide. I wanted the curtains to have a lot of body to them so I made the length of my strips almost double the width of each window.


Once I had the main part of the curtain valances done, I had to decide how I wanted to make the pocket for the curtain rod. Instead of going the easy way of folding the top over, I cut strips of fabric at 2.5″x5″ and sewed them together, alternating the colors the same as the main part. I attached the pockets to the top of the curtains.


A couple more seams finished the valance off. Then I realized I still needed to buy curtain rods. We bought those Saturday night while we were out.
THEN I realized…the previous curtain rods which we had taken down a few years ago had been a different size. So I had to make new holes.

And of course, I’m working with wood paneling instead of drywall!

Once that was done, I carefully inserted the curtain rod into valance and then hung it up. Oh my goodness! I did it! I was doing a little dance I was so happy!


Now I just need to finish the last couple seams on the second one. As you can see in the picture, the walls are not painted yet, they are still the gray my hubby picked when this was his computer cave. I’m still wavering on what color(s) I want for the walls and trim.


4 thoughts on “Office Curtains

  1. Wonderful! Isn’t it magical how some cheery curtains can transform a room?
    One trick I’ve learn for photographing purple (and many blues) is to put them on a background that is their complimentary color. It doesn’t always work but often does. Do the purples looks best in the photo on the yellow/green mat or is it just me?

    • That picture is probably the closest out of the pictures in the post. Definitely doesn’t do them justice though. I’ll try to remember to bring some of my leftover scraps from this to tomorrow’s meeting.

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