Tuesday’s To Do List

This was my list last week. Let’s see how much I have accomplished:


*Make up CQJP bare blocks. Embroider them as needed for each month. – no progress.

*Finish 7 more embroidered blocks for ‘secret project’. – no progress.

*Make curtains for office windows. – one done, one almost done.

*Paint my office. – no progress, this is actually waiting until summer when I have a break in work.

*Continue working on story. – very little progress.

*Get my Turning Twenty Again quilts quilted then the binding done. – quilt is at the quilter!!!!

*Figure out a different project for HSTs (instead of curtains). – I’m thinking pillows for the living room.

*Sew together the 4 large blocks from my personal pattern and get it bordered. Put together a written pattern. – Pattern is in progress.

*Learn paper-piecing. – Did a small paper pieced square at our Eye For Fiber arts/craft group on Wednesday.

*Create/design some wall-hangings for my office. – I have my sketch book handy and have added a few ideas to it.

*Create/design other artwork for my office. – Made a ‘tinyass fancy hat’ on Saturday, which is now on the shelving unit in the office. Need to do a post on the hat.


Adding to the list:

*Design and make a hussif/sewing roll/sewing caddy –


Wow, only ONE item added?? Of course…nothing was fully removed either!


What have you taken off your list? What have you added?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s To Do List

  1. my only list of TO Do is the grocery list. To Do Lists are too stressful in retrospect~ lol~ Or should I sAy UNDONE To Do lists…

    • I know what you mean about stressful! I’m trying to make myself finish more projects instead of getting ‘almost’ done then jumping to another project. We shall see if doing a Tuesday To Do on the blog each week will help or not.

      I am a list maker though, always have been. I blame it on being a Virgo. lol.

  2. Lol! Sometimes I think I would be happy to spend my time list making rather than finishing the tasks I have listed – crazy quilting being the exception! 😉

    Finishing up curtains is a huge accomplishment!

    I completed a gift and gave it to my mom, but I still need to make a post about it. So, one more item was completed this week.

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