A Present For Hubby

The past couple weeks I was working (slowly) on a gift for my hubby. I saw a picture on Pinterest of something and thought “I can do that”. Although I changed the message on it.

It is a wallhanging for his Man Cave. Picture of the completed project to come later.

I even quilted it!




I think this was my second time doing quilting on a project. Maybe third? It’s hard to remember.

Now, the front of the wallhanging!


This was fun to make. And fun to keep hiding from my hubby when he would walk into the room when I was working on it.

I think he likes it.

I didn’t do my Tuesday to do list update yesterday because I had a hell of a headache building up all day. I have made progress on the list. I will try to update the list later but I may just wait until next week. Or I may turn the to-do list into a once-a-month update post. We shall see.


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