My First Finished Quilt

Last weekend I finished putting the binding on my very first finished quilt. It’s technically not the first quilt I’ve worked on but it is the first one I’ve actually finished.

This one is for my hubby and he’s been using it since about 30 minutes after I finished it. πŸ™‚

It is the Turning Twenty Again pattern. Done in black, gray, blue, and red. Colors that I know my hubby likes.






I had it professionally quilted and gave the quilter free reign for the most part. My main concern was that it be more masculine. I’m happy with what she did.

My hubby loves it. His first words after unfolding it “this is awesome!”

Now to finish MY quilt! I’m at the hand stitching stage for the binding, so not too much longer.


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    • Thank you! The cat in the picture is Pixie, who is super attached to my hubby. She loves me too but he is her preferred human by far.

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