Busy, Busy, Fall-Over-Exhausted Busy

The past few weeks have been busy around here. My sister-in-law got married, so we spent a long weekend in New Jersey with her, her new husband, and our nephew, and her and my hubby’s parents. She had a nice not fussy wedding. I’ll have to see if I have permission to share some of the pictures that I took.

I also took on a job of repairing and finishing a partially done crazy quilt. It ended up being a lot more work than we originally thought. The quilt is intended as a wedding gift but I’m not going to be finished in time for the lady to get it quilted, bound, and packaged up by the end of this month for the bridal shower. Luckily the wedding itself isn’t until august.

Now for the OTHER big busy stuff: we just did an upgrade on our living room, dining room, and foyer. We ripped out the loose and icky carpet and padding. Then I washed and washed and did more washing of our wood paneling to get it prepped for painting. I’m amazed how much oil was soaked into the wood from the previous owner’s obsession with Murphy’s Oil.

Then, finally, I was able to start painting. THREE coats of paint! And a couple walls ended up with four!

Yesterday and today we had a couple of guys here putting in a gorgeous vinyl tile floor.

Picture time! Some before, during, and after pictures (if you compare the first and fifth pictures, you can see what a difference the paint made by how much the front entrance shows up better after the walls are painted):














I still have to paint all the trim and the baseboard (which is currently in the basement). Then the little trim at the ceiling is going to be removed and we are going to put up some 2- 2 1/2″ wide trim. The long wall will have a decorative piece of trim that goes from ceiling to floor to separate visually where the living room and dining room meet. The dining room is a shade or two lighter than the living room.

Oh…and of course, putting all the furniture back so we can access the kitchen again!

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