A Sneak Peek at the Current Project

Sometimes my brain wanders too much.  But as any crafter knows,  that is a common problem.  Although,  is it really a “problem”? Look at all the wonderful ideas and inventions out there because people let their brains wander.

Gwyn from Sew Crazy linked an embroidery picture to me on Facebook a couple days ago.  I tried to resist,  but my brain said “you must do this!”

Colorful!  Crazy!  Intriguing!  Have you seen Terri Mitchell’s work before?  If you haven’t,  check it out. She does some amazing embroidery.  One of which inspired my current obsession…err… project.  Inspired enough that I pulled another project off the 11×11 frame to put this on and start working on it. 
I didn’t want to do an exact copy,  add that wouldn’t be right,  so I made a few changes. 


This is my drawing that I ended up with.  Some of it is similar to Terri ‘ s but hopefully I made enough changes to make it different.  Mine will not be for sale.  It will hang in our house somewhere. 

Nine hours of stitching later (over two days) and I still don’t have the outline done! 


I need to add more little sections to break up the larger areas.  This will mostly end up satin stitch,  which I’m still improving my skill on.

I decided to do just a couple small sections with some color just to get an idea of what size sections I want when I finish up the outlining. 


Based on the two little sections I did…i need to add a lot more outlining! !

I am enjoying the hell out of this embroidery project though. 

Oh and on a side note,  you should see much better quality of photos on my blog now.  I finally gave in and upgraded my cell phone.  This one has a 16 megapixel camera on it!  16!! That’s even better than my digital camera.  (I can’t guarantee the spelling though.  I’m having a blast with this keyboard right now.   It’s one where you can just run your finger over the keyboard and it spells the most likely word for what path you took,  instead of having to hit each key for each letter in every word). 


8 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at the Current Project

  1. Cool project. I love that piece by Terri Mitchell. What size thread are you using? I hope you will post progress pictures.

    • So far I am using size 8 dmc perle cotton. I’ll probably try to do most of it with the same size and just perle cotton, but it depends on what colors I want to use.

  2. Your work is phenominal. I told Gwyn that I wish you would teach a small class here. I for one would be in it! I can’t wait to see this project as it progresses….maybe come into the shop and work on it one day?

  3. Thanks for bringing it in yesterday and sharing your knowledge! I am going to try a small pattern while on vacation…like you say it’s portable! I can’t wait to see this project when complete..what you have done so far is amazing! I can’t comment enough on your perfection to your stitching. You make it look so easy,like you were born with needle and thread attached to your hand!

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