Embroidered “Self” Portrait

While this isn’t my face as seen in the mirror,  the more I look at it,  the more I see it as a portrait of my creative side. 

I shared in my last post the outline of the face.


I have added more outline stitches to make some of the large areas smaller and I started on filling in areas with color. 


I am loving this so far!  I still need to add more outlining so I can make the rest of the large areas into more workable sections. But I’m very happy with the progress.

A couple closer up photos:




I think that last picture shows one of my favorite sections. All the diamond shapes in different colors. 

Note: this is inspired by Terri Mitchell and a gorgeous embroidered face that she did.  The link to her work is in the previous post on this blog. I will try to update this post soon and add the link here as well.  (Links and my phone don’t get along).

Hope you enjoyed this look at my “self” portrait of my creative side.


6 thoughts on “Embroidered “Self” Portrait

  1. I like this piece and am thinking I want to do a piece with this technique. I’ll have to think about an image to work with.

    • Thanks Renee! I’m loving it too. I just finished adding (hopefully) the last bit of outlining to it. Now I can just play with the colors. Mostly satin stitch with some sections done with stem or French knots.

    • Thank you Deb. I’ll try to remember to bring it along for August’s meeting so you can see the progress in person.

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