Needle Painting – Purple Bearded Iris

When I decided that I wanted to try needle painting,  I did some research,  then more,  then even more.  I finally decided to pick up Long and Short Stitch Embroidery,  A Collection of Flowers,  by Trish Burr. 


What drew me to this book was one flower in particular,  the purple bearded iris.  As soon as I saw that flower, I immediately had to buy the book.

I showed my mom the book when I got it.  And I showed her the beginning of working on the flower. 



But then after that,  I really didn’t show her much and did not send her any more pictures of it.

What she didn’t know was that I had planned from the moment I saw the picture that I would be making it for her.  My mom loves iris.  My grandma,  mom’s mom,  had iris all over the farm.  I love iris as well,  especially the purple ones and the creamy color ones. 

I finished the stitching last night,  put it on fusible interfacing,  then bound it. And I gave it to her today.

Here are the pictures!




I’m extremely happy with my first needle painting project. 

On the back,  I used a micron pen and wrote: To Mom,  I love you.  Love, Michelle.  August 2014.

Oh and a sneak peek to the next needle painting:


I combined the rose and the rosebud from the book,  adding the longer stem with thorns to connect the two flowers.  I have it traced onto the fabric now and started stitching this afternoon.  Stay tuned for more!


4 thoughts on “Needle Painting – Purple Bearded Iris

  1. I love Iris too. Your flower is beautiful. I have one of Trish’s books, but don’t think I’m ready for needle painting yet…but I will be!!

    • You’ll never know until you pick up the needle and thread and start! You can do it!!
      This iris was my first needle painting project. I had done only a small amount of long/short stitch shading on an earlier project, but this was first full needle painted one.

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