A Couple Stitches Make a Difference

I’m working on my second needle painting project,  a rose and rosebud.


I chose a peach shadow play fabric for the background and decided to make blue and cream color roses.

I’m not done yet,  but I wanted to show how just a couple little stitches in another shade can make a subtle difference.

I didn’t have enough green shades to do a couple of the leaves but i filled them in anyway. The leaves in question are the brightest ones which go from bright green to light green rather abruptly. This picture is before:


So, I visited the craft section of the local store and picked up a few new embroidery colors.


Ok. … a couple more than just a few. But they are all ones i didn’t have and they were a good price.

Using #471, I added some stitches between the bright and light on the leaves.


It’s subtle,  but it’s less of a jump from the bright to light now.

A few stitches can make a difference.  (I hope I’m not the only one to see the difference).

Hm. Should i give you a sneak peek at the rosebud? 


That’s all you get until the rest of it is done!


6 thoughts on “A Couple Stitches Make a Difference

  1. Your embroidery work is so nice. I looked at the last few posts and everything is beautiful – I especially like the hand with the rings. 🙂

  2. We can certainly see your delicate shading. I’m a novice stitcher, but the leaves are so beautifully stitched. How many strands of floss are you using? I have a blog friend that uses one, so I wondered how many you used to achieve this delicate shading.

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