Blue Roses – Needle Painting

True blue roses. Rare,  and said not to occur in nature, at least not until fairly recently.

After the iris,  I decided to combine the rose and rosebud from Trish Burr’s book into one design.  The only real change to either design was to add the thorny stem.


For fun,  I got my colored pencils out again and colored in the paper drawing after the design had been transferred to fabric.


I’m still loving needle painting.  It is relaxing. And you end up with a (hopefully) beautiful result.  You can fix a section with a subtle addition of a few stitches,  as I mentioned in my last post.

Ready for the roses? 





Well,  what do you think?  Was blue a good choice of color? 

I still need to put it on interfacing and then bind it,  but I need to get more interfacing first.

The next design is one that is not from a book.  I looked up hibiscus flowers and studied them then drew out a design.  Then i compared it to a couple of other drawings.  Mine was fairly similar to another so I want to get the link for that one before i share mine here.


4 thoughts on “Blue Roses – Needle Painting

  1. Beautiful!! The blue is gorgeous. Hibiscus are my very favorite flowers. I’ll be watching for you to show your new project.

    • I didn’t realize how beautiful hibiscus were until I started looking for pictures of them. WOW they are gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever had any before.

      I’m still thinking about colors for the hibiscus. What would you recommend?

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