Next Up – Long Stem Rose

I love roses.  When I was younger I did not like them,  but that was because of the smell. (I still can’t stand fake rose scent,  like in candles or soaps). As I’ve grown older,  I’ve come to love roses more and more.  They are one of the most beautiful flowers to me,  especially in a deep red or creamy white. 

Unfortunately,  it’s hard to needle paint a deep red rose as there is not enough variety in red floss.  Pinks yes.  Burgundy yes.  But not deep rich gorgeous red.

I ended up deciding my next needle painting,  instead of being the hibiscus,  is going to be another rose.  But this one will be more of a long stem rose. As long of a stem as I could fit into the design space anyway.   


The rose itself is from Trish Burr’s Long and Short Stitch Embroidery book again,  with just a few subtle changes in a couple petals. Then I added my own stem to the rose.

I’m kind of doubting my background choice now,  but I’m far enough that i don’t want to rip it all out and start over.

This is the background with it just drawn on. 


Next up,  outlined in split stitch:


The colors I have picked out go from a creamy light pink up to a nice deep red.  And I have a deeper red color picked out just in case I need to add a hint of real dark to some petals.

The stem is almost done.  Then comes the leaves.  Then the fun of filling in the petals!

The hibiscus is still in the queue to be done.  But since it is my own drawing and not from the book,  I’m taking some time to look more at pictures of hibiscus flowers and figure out my shading,  such as what direction the light is coming from and what do I want to highlight on the petals.

In case anyone is curious,  I’m using an 8×8 q-snap frame for holding the fabric tight while stitching.  I would recommend if you are looking for any,  to buy them through They are made/sold by Keepsake Treasures, which is where Amazon will order them from for you. (I am not affiliated with Amazon or Keepsake Treasures, and I do not make anything from you buying these from them,  I just wanted to point you in the right direction).

I am possibly going to start teaching needle painting up at Sew Crazy soon. Wish me luck!


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    • After this rose, I’ll try to do the hibiscus… really! Unless another rose pops it’s head. Hm. I did order two more needlepainting/embroidery books yesterday….

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