If you are a crafter, you may have heard the term Squirrel!! used occasionally. Around here, you can hear it almost daily, multiple times a day! 


What does it mean? Well, it means you’re talking about one thing, or working on something, or just thinking, and BAM, something completely changes your path that you’re on.  Something shiny catches your attention. A word someone says grabs your attention. An idea grabs your attention. 


“I think I’m going to put a blue bor…HEY! Did you see that pattern with the bus?” (Squirrel!!)

“Yeah I did! I was going to ma…Oh you know what would be even BETTER??” (Squirrel!!)

“I know! A beaded squirrel hanging on a…what about that coaster pattern you were going to make?” (Squirrel!!)


Yes, that type of thing happens regularly! Especially up at Sew Crazy, my favorite place to hang out. Some days I’m not sure any of us actually complete a full sentence or thought, because ‘Squirrel!!’ jumps in and off we go on the next thing. 


I’m bad about having squirrel moments while I’m working on a project. I was working on the Long Stem Rose and that dang squirrel peeked around the corner and the next thing I knew, I was ready to jump to a different project. I literally was like “I think this petal needs to be firs…, oh hey what if I do an embroidered state? Hm, where’s my background fabric. I can draw our sta…, what happened to that picture of that swirly embroidered heart?” 


I finally decided to write out a more detailed list of embroidery projects in my brain’s queue…then the list kept growing and growing. 

Maybe I’ll post the list someday.  Anyway, back to what I was doi…hey, shiny beads! 


4 thoughts on “Squirrel!!

  1. You crack me up! You have seen my lists (and those are only the parts I am willing to admit to), so you might have realized I have a few of those squirrel moments myself! At the moment, forcing myself to finish a UFO before starting the next item in my mental queue is hard…

  2. Snicker – That’s a favorite around my house as well, and the yarn shop where I work! It also explains my embarrassing number of WIPs (works in progress). 😉

    • Squirrel is sooo contagious! It jumped to my hubby the other day in Home Depot. I was cracking up, then had to explain it to him. He shook his head and said “Yep. Squirrel”.

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