Do You Doodle?

Just a quick post today.  We had a busy weekend and then i pulled a 15-16 hour workday yesterday,  so I haven’t done a whole lot of crafting in a few days.

Do you doodle?  What I mean by that is,  do you pick up a pen or pencil (or crayon) and draw random things on paper?  It could be the edge of a page of notes.  Something drawn on a small scrap of paper.  On the back of a placemat at a restaurant. In a sketch pad.  You get the idea.

With my job,  I sometimes have small bits of time where I’m just sitting and waiting.  The class is taking a test,  the instructor isn’t there yet,  I’m on standby, etc.  (For those that don’t know,  I provide C-print services for deaf students in college. The link I provided gives a good overview of what C-print is, although I use a different program than what is noted in the article).

So…I doodle!


Some of my doodles I do more often than others.

This vine with flowers I’ve been doodling most of my life, with variations to the amount of flowers and direction of vines:


I regularly draw hearts with the infinity symbol wrapping around it:


And i often draw 3-dimensional objects,  rough drawing of course:


Every so often,  my doodles veer off and something new appears,  like this odd little bird:


Very odd little bird.  But he has potential. I think.  Haha.

So,  what do you doodle?

2 thoughts on “Do You Doodle?

  1. How fun! I’m afraid I don’t really doodle unless I am trying to sketch something in particular to embroider. I am a total novice. I love your rose vines and your bird definitely has potential!

    • My hubby and I were talking the other night about potential embroidery designs and drawing them out in my little notebook (we were at dinner in a restaurant). I mentioned that I wish I had taken art/drawing classes. He said “go for it”. So I may be looking into the cost and dates of at least some basic drawing classes. 🙂 I’d love to be able to make more of my own embroidery designs.

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