The Glass is Half-Full

This weekend flew by!  I barely got any stitching done,  although I did get quite a few sketches drawn up.  I’ll share those sometime this week hopefully.

And we did a big grocery shopping trip at Costco today.  (Poor checking account. .. )

Right now though,  I’m kicked back on the couch,  thinking I should really get to bed,  but my wine glass is only half full…


See! It’s only half full!  And this wine defies gravity! !

This is part of an embroidery project I am making to hang in a local gallery in the spring,  along with some other embroidery projects,  and other artwork by the ladies in the fiber art group that I belong to.

I’m looking forward to it,  but man do I need to get a lot of stuff done!  I have embroidery projects that still need to be either framed or backed and bound.  And more to make.  And I still need to finish the curtains for the guest bedroom. And the living room. And dining room.  Hm.

And now I’ve gotten into drawing,  and that’s grabbing my attention. 

I saw on Facebook a few times, this card that says something like,   “if you want to know what my brain is like,  imagine a Web browser with 8,000 tabs open all at once.”

That describes it perfectly!  But it’s time to close at least a few of those tabs and head to bed.  7am comes too early. 


4 thoughts on “The Glass is Half-Full

  1. Your wine glass is wonderful. It does, indeed, defy gravity. Hmmm… I think that 8,000 tabs open is another similarity we share! I look forward to seeing this when it is done.

    • The funny thing is, I don’t drink wine at all. Ever lol. I can’t stand the taste. But my hubby does drink wine occasionally. He prefers a nice red. So that’s why the wine in this project is a burgundy/red. 🙂

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