And Then There Were Nine…

Nine blocks that is!

I work from home,  and sometimes my office is real cold.  Especially when I first wake up in the morning.  So yesterday I was thinking about it and decided I needed a small quilt that i could just throw over my legs and feet but wouldn’t be bulky and take up too much room between me and the desk. 

I originally planned to use bright bold colors.  And i knew I wanted just something simple. 

So why not a simple 9 patch block,  made lap size? 

I kept looking through the fabric,  picking out this and that.  Bright one here,  bold one there.  But i was drawn to the sewing-related fabrics over and over. 

And that is how I ended up with this:


Penny approves of it as well:


I’m actually surprised she let me take the first photo before she ran over and flopped onto the fabric.

The next step was the border.  I envisioned a border that used all 5 printed fabrics.  But i needed to break it up a little where the printed border would meet the printed squares. 


A narrow red border seems to do the trick.
I ran out of bobbin thread just as I finished the last piece of the red border and then looked at the time.  To keep myself from staying up too late sewing,  I did not refill the bobbin.  But i did cut pieces for the two side lengths of border.
And then laid them down to see if I liked it in person as much I did in my head.


Penny still approves!

Tomorrow I can hopefully get the pieced border added on.  This one being on the smaller side,  I’m going to try to quilt it myself.  Just something simple.  I think this one will be just a little over 36×36 once finished. 

On that note though,  the Blind Tiles quilt is up at Sew Crazy ready to go to the quilter along with a stack of other quilts.  Once it’s back I can bind it and it’ll be ready for use.  I can’t wait!