Coming Up…

I picked up 36 fat quarters, a pattern, and a pizza box (clean! Never used for pizza). Then I cut the fat quarters according to the pattern and stacked them in the pizza box.

Why? Because the weekend of the 23-25th, I’m going on a sewing retreat!!! My first ever!  I’m going to be working on a king size quilt for our bedroom, hence the 36 fat quarters.

I’m also taking a second quilt project, which will use between 2-3 jelly rolls (still need to cut the 3rd one) to make a quilt using one of my own patterns that I’ve been working on (no name for it yet).

And, I’ll probably take the fabric that I cut into squares/rectangles to make the 2nd Blind Tiles quilt so that I can work on the pattern details for that one.

Think 3 quilt projects will be enough to keep me busy? Maybe I should take more… Hm…

In other news, yesterday I mailed off the Christmas gift I had been working on.  Hopefully it’ll reach it’s destination tomorrow or Thursday, then I can FINALLY share photos of that.

Hope 2015 is treating you well.


2 thoughts on “Coming Up…

  1. I am SOOOO excited for you! I have been on scrapbooking retreats, but never a quilting retreat. I hope you have an amazing time and make tons of progress!

    • It should be fun. Mom will be there, as well as the ladies from the quilt store that I help out at/hang out at.

      I think 80 ladies are staying for the full weekend, plus a number of one-day only people.

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