Coffee and Wine – Delivered

Finally finished Friday,  mailed out Monday,  and arrived at its destination this afternoon.  Coffee,  wine, fruit, and more!

No,  not a gift basket,  although it sounds like it, doesn’t it?

Early December my hubby and I were talking and he asked if I would be able to make his mom a quilt for christmas.  I said yes,  as long as we can deliver it in January,  as I knew most long arm quilters were already booked for the holiday season.

He chose the theme,  coffee and wine,  and I went fabric shopping (one of the only types of shopping I like).


These are some of the coffee fabrics,  cut into 4.5 inch squares.

Since i knew it would be too busy with just all the prints,  I decided to add in some shadow plays. Played around with the layout a bit and decided to make 4-patch squares.


Once all the squares were made,  then came  the fun of figuring out the final layout.  Then borders. The quilt ended up being 73″x73″ when all said and done.

Finished quilt looks like this:



And,  she loves it!  I’m glad it made it down safely.


4 thoughts on “Coffee and Wine – Delivered

    • Thanks Renee! It was a fun quilt to put together. I wish I could have arranged it the way my hubby wanted, but I’d still be working on it then and would probably be half bald lol.

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