Sewing Retreat!!

Less than 24 hours from now, I will be at a camp with approximately 80 other ladies, sewing, sewing, sewing away!

It’s a 3 day retreat, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

It’s the second annual retreat, but it’s my first time going. Last year I had just started my new job so I didn’t know how things were going to work out. This year, I’m GOING.

I have pieces cut for 3 quilts. One of which is a king size (I’ll probably just work on blocks for it, not actually putting the rows and top together), second one may end up somewhere between a queen and a king (it’s a new pattern I’m working the details out on. Simple but hopefully will look good), and the third one is another Blind Tiles quilt (I want to work out the details on that pattern as well so I can hopefully get it printed and published, maybe PDF format as well).

Hm…I should probably make sure to pack clothes, towels, etc as well! I will have to sleep….a few minutes at least!

Second hm…do you think 3 quilts worth is enough? Maybe I should pack my scrap box as well. And an embroidery project.


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