Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

Even though I got there late (had to work Friday), I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat.

I put together the 36 16-inch blocks that’ll become a king size quilt for our bed. They are not sewn into rows yet,  and this isn’t the final layout.  I just laid it out on the floor to show my hubby how the blocks turned out.  This patten is from one of the Turning Twenty books,  the Superman/Superwoman pattern:


I also put together a 2nd Blind Tiles quilt.  It still needs borders,  but the top is done other than that:


It’s amazing how different fabrics can change how a pattern looks.  The above the same pattern and layout as my greens and pinks Blind Tiles quilt in the next picture.  Looks a lot different doesn’t it?:


I also made two sewing retreat pillow cases :


The final project I worked on is another design I’m working the details out on.  It’s fairly simple but has lots of pieces.  I’m using (so far) two jelly rolls to make this one:


It was a blast this weekend! We had laughter,  singing,  teasing, some tears, lots of fun,  and the “occasional” cuss word.

I’d tell you more but,  what happens at sewing retreat,  stays at sewing retreat! 


2 thoughts on “Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

  1. I am so glad you had such a fun and productive weekend! Your quilt tops and pillow cases are fantastic. And, yes, the colors on the blind tiles quilt do dramatically change the look of the quilts. I love them both.

    • I’m excited to get these three quilt tops finished now lol. I think the Blind Tiles one will be first, as it just needs borders now. Then I can decide whether or not to send it to a long arm quilter and have it professionally done,or take it up to Mom’s and play around on her mid-arm machine.

      Hm, need to figure out a name eventually for the 3rd quilt top (jelly roll one). Maybe once it’s together, the name will pop at me.

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