The Difference of an Hour

Some days,  an hour can mean a ton of progress.  And others,  hardly a dent. Tuesday,  I found a quilt block on pinterest and just fell in love with it.  The pin was for a link to to buy a pre-cut kit for the blocks.  Yesterday,  I was up at Sew Crazy and in an hour,  I cut and assembled a 16″ block that has the same overall look.  Not sure what size the pre-cut kit makes (edit to add: it appears the kit is no longer available on the site).  image I’m going to turn this into a wall hanging for my office.  I just absolutely love how it looks.  An hour today provided decent progress on the amaryllis. From: image To: image Hopefully tonight after work and the gym are done,  I can get some more progress done. I have a couple of small needle paintings that I want to knock out before the end of the month as well. Have you been surprised by what you got done in an hour before?  Or has an hour passed and you are shocked by how far you did not get?


One thought on “The Difference of an Hour

  1. The block is lovely! And your amaryllis is looking amazing!

    As for an hour’s worth of work, it really does vary! The HAED cross-stitch I am working on is a great example. The area I am working on right now is part of a window and has a 10 x 10 section with mostly one or two colors. It is going really fast. The last 10 x 10 section switched back and forth between 13 colors and felt like it took ages. The shading makes it look fantastic, so it is worth the time. 🙂

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