Coloring Books – My Latest Obsession

I know adult coloring books are pretty popular right now, but I actually bought a few with embroidery in mind, not coloring.  I ordered 3 different ones but only 2 have arrived so far.


I opened them right away,  of course.  🙂

There are a few designs that I could probably turn into embroidery designs,  but most of the ones are definitely geared toward coloring instead. 

Book #3 is the Enchanted Forest inky treasure hunt type book,  by Johanna Basford.  I can’t wait for it!  Love her Secret Garden inky treasure hunt one. 

While I wait though…my colored pencils somehow found their way into my hands along with one of the books.  Still working on my first picture,  but I’m having fun!  It’s amazing how much it changes as you add more colors.




If you loved coloring as a kid,  I recommend trying it out with the more “grown-up” books.  More detailed and still fun!



2 thoughts on “Coloring Books – My Latest Obsession

  1. This is gorgeous! I keep thinking I should try to sketch a zentangle and then embroider it. We’ll see. Happy coloring!

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