Rare Sighting

Just a quick share today.

Our three cats rarely get along enough to all three be in the same room together.  Two yes,  three no. 

But shockingly,  once in a great while we find them all on the bed together. 

Today is the closest I’ve ever seen them:


The gray is PsychoKitty,  the tuxedo is Penny,  and the patched tabby is Pixie.


6 thoughts on “Rare Sighting

    • It actually was a pretty warm day outside. I think they just once in awhile decide okay, we will tolerate each other, but also say “if mom sees us..i hate you again.” lol.

      • Our three were all adopted at different times. PsychoKitty is 16 now. I got her when she was approximately 6 months from the local Animal Shelter.

        Penny is almost 6 now. She was born behind my cousin’s workplace and someone took the momma and left the babies. Cousin took the babies home and I picked up Penny from her, she was maybe 12 weeks old by then.

        Pixie is just over 4. We adopted her from a local no-kill animal shelter. She was barely 2 lbs and about 10 weeks old when we finally were able to bring her home. Now she’s…huge. lol

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